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Dualsky Tc.2A.180 Brushless Tuning Combo

Prop. Range: 2S: 8x4, 3S:6x3App. Class: new! F3P Competition

Dualsky Tc.2A.Mic Brushless Tuning Combos

Prop. Range GWS 6x3App. Class 75g 3D planes

Dualsky Tc.3A.15E Brushless Tuning Combo

Prop. Range:10x5,13x6

Dualsky Tc.3A.300 Brushless Tuning Combos

Suitable for 300 size rc airplaneProp. Range: 7x4 to 9x5Number of Cell:NiXX 5-9, 6-10.8VLiPo 2-3, 7.4-11.1VRPM/V (KV): 1200

Dualsky Tc.3A.480 Brushless Tuning Combo

Applications:450-480 Heli 3DUp to .32 Class Sports

Dualsky Tc.4A.30E Brushless Tuning Combos

Application:sport models: up to 1.8kg3D models: up to 1.2kgEquivalent: .25-.32 2-stroke

Dualsky Tc.5A.40E Brushless Tuning Combo

Prop. Range: 14x7...15x6Number of Cell: NiXX 6-18, 7.2-21.6VLiPo 2-6, 7.4-22.2V

Dualsky Xm6360ea-10 Brushless Motor

DualSky XM6350EA-10 Brushless Motor