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DPR Cessna 180 (Rubber Powered) DPR1005

A traditional balsa and tissue rubber-powered free-flight model of a pseudo modern light aircraft that's perfect for teaching basic building and flight trimming techniques.

In Stock
DPR Models Concorde (Glider) DPR1002

An evocative catapult launch flying model of the world-famous supersonic airliner.

In Stock
DPR Models Tornado (Glider) DPR1004

An eye-catching catapult launch flying model of the outstanding swing-wing multi role combat aircraft.

In Stock
FMS 3000mm Fox Glider ARTF FMS107P W/O Tx/Rx/Batt
Out of Stock
Hyper Cub (Rubber Powered)

An attractive, pseudo scale, free-flight cabin monoplane that offers an absorbing traditional build and exceptional flying characteristics.

In Stock