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Models To Build

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BAIR Bellanca Skyrocket - 42" electric scale kit A-BA007 A-BA007

From the Golden Era of flight, comes the elegant Bellanca Skyrocket

In Stock
DPR Models - Racer (Rubber Powered) DPR1006

A traditional balsa and tissue rubber-powered free-flight model of a pseudo modern racing aircraft that's perfect for teaching basic building and flight trimming techniques.

Out of Stock
DPR Models Gnat (Glider)

An exciting catapult launch flying model of the aircraft used by the world famous Red Arrows aerobatic team between 1965 and 1980.

In Stock
DPR Models Rare Bird (Glider) DPR1007

An attractive, free-flight sailplane that offers an absorbing traditional build, towline launch and exceptional flying characteristics.

In Stock
DPR Models Tornado Glider DPR1004

An eye-catching catapult launch flying model of the outstanding swing-wing multi role combat aircraft.

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Hyper Cub (Rubber Powered)

An attractive, pseudo scale, free-flight cabin monoplane that offers an absorbing traditional build and exceptional flying characteristics.

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Keil Kraft Ace Kit - 30"  Free-Flight Rubber Duration A-KK2020

This sleek cabin style model was designed by Albert Hatfull. The ACE became a firm favourite in the Keil Kraft range thanks to the swept back wings and long thin fuselage.

In Stock
Keil Kraft Invader Kit - 24.5" Free-Flight Towline Glider A-KK1020

The Invader was always a popular model in the Keil Kraft glider range thanks to the distinctive twin fin tail. The Invader is a simple to build towline glider that was originally designed by Albert E. Hatfull, and has since been redesigned in CAD

In Stock
Keil Kraft Senator Kit - 32" Free-Flight Rubber Duration A-KK2060

Designed by Albert Hatfull, the Keil Kraft Senator is a contest style duration model with a distinctive single wheel helping to keep the weight down to a minimum

In Stock
Winner (Glider)

A traditional, all-balsa, competition inspired chuck glider that serves both the beginner and the expert.

In Stock